Founded in 1886, today the Coca-Cola Company is the world leader in non-alcoholic concentrate and syrup production and distribution. Since its beginning the company has produced over 300 different kinds of beverages. The company headquarters are in Atlanta, USA. Along with that, local Coca-Cola representative offices operate in more than twenty countries in the world

ТМ Тесс (Орими-трейд)
In 1996 the Orimi Trade Company made a name for itself for the first time by supplying a consignment of Princess Kandy tea to Ukraine from Ceylon.
As of today the company is the leading producer of packed tea in the Ukrainian market. It represents the following brands:
  • Greenfield
  • Tess


In1980 a national leading producer of beer, nonalcoholic soft and low-alcoholic drinks as well as mineral water was founded. This company produces its product at 6 plants; has 15 representative establishments providing their beverages for sale to the utmost ends of Ukraine.



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